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10 Tips for a Safe Fourth of July

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american flag with fireworks In 1777, fireworks were a way of giving American people hope that the war would soon be over and they would earn their independence. The light in the sky was a beautiful reminder to stay positive in what was a dark time.


Since then, fireworks have been a part of nearly every large holiday and celebration in America and act as a reminder to always look to the future and embrace the opportunities America has to offer.


How will you celebrate this year? Whether with a backyard sparkler show or a professionally produced display in a public park, one important thing to remember is fireworks can be dangerous!


According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, around Fourth of July nearly 200 people end up in the emergency room each day. So, if you do plan to use fireworks this year, use them safely!


Here are 10 tips for a safe Fourth of July fireworks celebration:

  1. Never, ever use fireworks indoors. Even sparklers!
  2. Always have a source of water ready in case you need to douse a fire.
  3. Alcohol and fireworks never mix – be sure that whoever is in charge of the fireworks isn’t also the reigning beer pong champion of the evening.
  4. Never relight a “dud” firework – leave it alone for at least 20 minutes, then soak it in a bucket of water to make sure that it’s completely dead.
  5. After lighting off the fireworks, soak them in water before disposing them in an outdoor garbage can.
  6. When using sparklers always stay standing and don’t light more than one sparkler at a time.
  7. Never let children use fireworks without supervision. The same goes for teenagers.
  8. Never throw fireworks or sparklers.
  9. Ensure the people watching the show remain a safe distance from the firework itself in case it moves or is larger than expected.
  10. Remember to read the caution label before lighting a firework off – it may have specific instructions to follow.


Have fun, but stay safe this Fourth of July

There’s a laundry list of safety tips to keep in mind when operating fireworks and sparklers, they are after all, explosives. So when you celebrate Fourth of July this year, keep safety in mind. It’s never fun when a party has to end early because someone ends up in the hospital with a burn injury. Have fun, but be safe!


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