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Homeowners Insurance

At Patriot Insurance will work with you to ensure that everything that needs protected is protected. It’s one of your most important assets and making sure it is properly protected is our priority. Also, homeowners insurance isn’t just about protecting your house. One of the most important features of a homeowners insurance policy is the liability protection. If a visitor slips and falls and files a claim, your homeowners policy steps in to protect you and your family. Get a Quote



Umbrella Policy

When it rains, it pours. Just like the weather, a liability claim can cause a lot of problems. That’s why we often recommend adding an umbrella policy to your insurance coverage.


An umbrella policy protects your family’s assets and adds an additional layer of protection. We can help analyze the many factors that put your family at risk. Some of them are having multiple vehicles, owning a boat, having kids, and owning a dog. Get a Quote



Flood Insurance

Coverage for flood damage is almost always excluded on a typical homeowners insurance policy. Don’t wait until the water starts to rise, it takes 30 days from the purchase date for a new flood policy to become effective. Get a Quote



Earthquake Insurance

About 90 percent of Americans live in areas considered to be seismically active. There is a 40 to 60 percent chance of a major earthquake occurring in the eastern United States in the next 20 years. Ask us how easy and affordable it is to protect yourself from the damage – both physical and financial – that an earthquake can do. Get a Quote



Valuable Articles Insurance

Valuable Articles Insurance can be used to cover jewelry, musical instruments, antiques, fine art, and more. Certain items need to be listed on your policy separately in order to have the proper coverage. Get a Quote



Vacant Home Insurance

If you own a home that is sitting vacant, we strongly recommend insuring it. Vacant Home Insurance can be a little complex, but at Patriot Insurance we can help explain your options. Sometimes you can just add coverage through an endorsement to your existing homeowners policy. Sometimes you need a little more coverage to ensure you’re covered for things like theft, vandalism, broken pipes, etc. Bottom line – having no coverage can prove to be very costly if your carrier discovers your home was unoccupied at the time of the claim. Get a Quote



Renters Insurance

You may not own the home you live in but you still need to cover the things inside it. Not only do you have personal property that needs protected, but you also may face major liability issues that could lead to serious financial problems. The average policy costs less than $20/month, and can also help you save on your auto insurance through a multi-policy discount. Get a Quote



Farm Insurance

You need an insurance policy custom-built to cover the unique needs of your farm – from your home and property to everything involved in your farming operations. At Patriot Insurance we can’t help you much with planting or harvesting, but when it comes to protecting every acre of your valuable family farm, we can do that.
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High Value Home Insurance

You’ve worked hard to provide your family with a great home. Protect your substantial investment with an insurance product designed for the unique needs of a High Value Home. At Patriot Insurance we can show you policies from a variety of carriers. Some carriers offer special coverages for homes valued over $300,000, while homes valued at $750,000 or greater often require coverage enhancements that the average home might not need. Get a Quote


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