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How to put on a great sports summer camp

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Some of the most popular types of summer camps that kids and teenagers go to each year are sports camps.


Typically, high schools, colleges and other organizations in each town will offer a variety of sports camps each summer including basketball, soccer and volleyball, and can be say day camps or sleepovers.


One thing that all sports camps will have in common and is key to the success of a sports camp, other than a group of excited young campers, is having the right insurance.


Why is insurance important for a sports camp?


Let’s say that it’s day 1 of a 3 day basketball camp, and as most basketball camps go, the first few hours consist of running and agility drills. One hour into the drills, one young girl rolls an ankle, another young boy breaks a finger and one camp counselor strains his back. This sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it? Luckily these are all small injuries, and luckily, with the right insurance, all injuries will be covered and nothing will come at a cost to the camp.


Purchasing adequate medical coverage for your staff and participants, as well as general liability insurance for the camp grounds, gym, locker room, lodging, etc. is key to the success and safety of your sports camp.


Is sports camp insurance expensive?


The cost of your camp insurance depends on the amount of risk that will be involved. For example, a golf camp may not be considered as high-risk as a basketball camp or swim camp. All potential injuries are taken into consideration and will have an effect on the cost of the insurance you will need.


Take time to get multiple quotes from a variety of insurance companies to make sure the plan you purchase is the most complete package and meets all your potential insurance needs.


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