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This Summer Plan on Canceling Your Vacation

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zorbing ball going down a field of grassy hill“Cancel” and “vacation” are two words that nobody ever likes to use in the same sentence, but sometimes this happens. If for some reason you have to cancel a major vacation, or adjust to sudden shifts in your travel plans, it may haunt your bank account for the following year.


For those who are dedicated travelers, nothing will stop you from making that trip! Not even if the CDC reports a terrible outbreak of some sort of an unknown virus in your place of destination!  But for others, canceling a trip may be worth more than any risk.  Or perhaps you missed your connecting flight to Tahiti and your bags were lost as a result.  Or maybe (heaven forbid) you fracture your ankle while zorbing in New Zealand.


Well, prepare and protect yourself from cancellation fees, changes of date fees, lost luggage and injury while on vacation.


Here are some tips to get the best travel insurance for your trip:

  1. How much will this vacation cost? When booking your trip, take note of how much cancellation fees or date change fees will cost. For a weekend getaway, this may not be much, for a two week getaway, cancellations and changes in plan make dig a big hole in your pocket.
  2. What coverage does your current homeowner’s or renter’s policy provide? Talk to your insurance agent to see if your personal policies provide coverage for lost or stolen luggage, personal belongings and rental cars.
  3. Will your credit card provide any protection? Check with your credit card company to see if they offer protection based on the type of cardholder you are. Some companies may provide rental car coverage, coverage for lost or stolen baggage, or even coverage for if your travel provider discontinues service.
  4. What’s your activity level going to be? If your vacation plans include relaxing on the beach with a margarita in hand, the chances of you being injured on your vacation are slim to none. BUT if you vacation includes some physical activities like biking, rock climbing, surfing or scuba diving, you should consider a travel insurance policy.


Buying travel insurance is about buying a piece of mind. Don’t let canceling a vacation be a financial burden.  Check into the different types of insurance that can offer protection and coverage when things don’t go as planned.


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