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Restaurant Owners: Do You Have Dependent Property Coverage?

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6 flavors of icream in a sugar cone.Imagine this:

Every day, you depend on Joe’s Dairy to provide your ice cream parlor with fresh, locally sourced dairy products.


Without Joe’s Dairy, your recipes are off and the ice cream just doesn’t taste the same. Plus, the local supermarket in your area isn’t able to provide you with the right amount of organic dairy products that your business depends on everyday.


Today however, Joe’s Dairy can’t make their usual delivery. You’re out of your top selling flavors and you have a large business coming in for a celebratory ice cream date. What now?


This is where dependent property coverage comes into play.


What can dependent property coverage provide?


Dependent property coverage provides insurance coverage if:

  • Your suppliers are unable to produce goods or services that your business depends on
  • Your customers aren’t able to receive your company’s goods or services
  • Companies that manufacture products for direct delivery to your customers can no longer fulfill orders
  • A company which is responsible for attracting customers to you goes out of business or can no longer attract business
  • There is a disruption in basic utility services that prevents your business from operating, resulting in a loss of income.


Don’t let your restaurant go out of business because of something that is out of your control.  This is especially true for restaurants who feature very specific ingredients.  Don’t let your ice cream shop run out of ice cream!


Reach out to Patriot Insurance and Risk Management today and we can figure out what coverage is best for you and your budget.

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