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4 Types of Insurance All Farmers Need

Operating a farm is not just a job, it’s a lifestyle. It’s a job and lifestyle in which natural disasters, crop failure and sick livestock can be a serious threat to your success and livelihood. The key to being a successful farming operation is to identify risks and plan for any worst case scenarios with more →




Top 7 Insurance Policies for Home-Based Businesses

  Home based businesses are becoming more and more popular in today’s world and it’s a great accomplishment to successfully run one. While you may be great at running your business there are still things that can occur that are out of your control, which is why having the right business insurance policies in place more →




Restaurant Owners: Do You Have Dependent Property Coverage?

Every day, you depend on Joe’s Dairy to provide your ice cream parlor with fresh, locally sourced dairy products.   Without Joe’s Dairy, your recipes are off and the ice cream just doesn't taste the same. Plus, the local supermarket in your area isn't able to provide you with the right amount of organic dairy more →




The Construction Industry: The Young vs. Old Debate

The construction industry has suffered through hard knocks since the market crashed in 2007-2008. Now, even as the economy slowly recovers and certain industries bounce back, the construction sector now faces personnel problems.   While construction activity has increased as the economy has improved (and that demand is expected to continue in 2015), the sector more →




How to Choose Your Insurance

Insurance is a complicated, but mandatory confusion. Health and auto insurance are required and many additional forms of insurance are encouraged, or considered a necessity.   It is hard wading through all the competition, red tape, and legal mess that can confuse the average consumer. Luckily, an independent insurance agent can help you navigate the more →