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4 Tips for Talking to Teens About Safe Driving

When a teen asks for the keys to the car for the first time so many thoughts and emotions begin running through a parent’s brain like:   “I’m so proud my son passed his test!”   “Will my daughter remember to look both ways before turning left?”   “What if he decides to drive with more →




Swimming tip for parents: beware of secondary drowning

Whether your children are experienced swimmers or not, it’s always important to be aware of swimming safety.  One fatal condition that swept the headlines this summer is known as secondary drowning.   A young boy nearly lost his life after attending a pool party with friends. How? Earlier in the day, he was jokingly pushed into the more →




Protect Yourself and Your Boat from Accidents

  What lake trips or fishing trips do you have planned this summer?   Whether you're a professional fisherman headed to a competition or a group of friends hitting the lake for a hot August afternoon, there is always an aspect of risk every time your boat gets on the road and the water.   more →




10 Tips for a Safe Fourth of July

 In 1777, fireworks were a way of giving American people hope that the war would soon be over and they would earn their independence. The light in the sky was a beautiful reminder to stay positive in what was a dark time.   Since then, fireworks have been a part of nearly every large holiday more →